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Are the utilities on? Thursday, 14 May 2009 22:10 by Craig Haas

Home Inspections in the foreclosure and vacant house market can be a challenge, so it’s a good thing that we like challenges.  Many homes that we have inspected lately are vacant and some of the utilities are often not functioning.  This makes the task of inspecting the systems somewhere between difficult and impossible.  It is in the best interest of the buyer to have all utilities on for the inspection.

Without water for example, no plumbing fixtures can be tested for pressure and/or drainage.  There is no way to tell if there are active leaks in the systems.  In some homes the copper piping has been stolen.  If there is no natural gas on, the heating system can’t be checked for function nor the gas lines themselves tested for leaks.

There are still many items that can be inspected, but obviously not all.  We feel that it’s important for a buyer to get as much information as possible about the home.  If it can be coordinated, it’s always best to have all utilities on; GAS, WATER AND ELECTRIC to allow for a complete General Home Inspection.