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Value versus Price of a General Home Inspection Tuesday, 19 May 2009 16:21 by Craig Haas

The difference between value and price can be a difficult and complicated concept to explain to a client.  Clients are typically spending a considerable amount of money; after all, a home is one of the largest purchases people make in their lifetime.  The value of the Home Inspection will become much clearer when items are discovered that need repair or replacement.  It is imperative to have an experienced Home Inspector working on your clients behalf.  The price that one pays for an inspection is a tiny fraction of the purchase price of a home and the price difference between an experienced, ASHI Certified Inspector and someone with little to no experience is typically not much. 

Ask your Inspector questions before you schedule their services. How long have you been an Inspector? Are you a Certified Member of ASHI?  What other training or credentials do you have?  It’s foolish to have someone working on your behalf with little knowledge or experience to save $50.00.  It’s not what you saved that counts, but what you received for the money you did spend.

Generally people do not know whether or not they have had a bad Home Inspection until they have had a good one to compare it to.  When I use the word good in the previous sentence, I mean thorough, unbiased, and accurate.  A professional Home Inspection should be all of those things and more.  It should be performed by someone who is knowledgeable, ASHI Certified and will stand behind their findings.  A Home Inspector should be using tools to find and document defects and safety concerns in and around a home.  There are too many items and systems to inspect and test in any property to simply look around with a flashlight and a notepad jotting down a few comments now and then.

The value of a thorough, unbiased, and accurate Home Inspection can be immeasurable.  Items can be discovered during an inspection that may save your clients thousands of dollars.  The PRICE is what you paid – the VALUE is what you received, and it can be immeasurable.